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Hotep Jesus

Cultural Architect, Sage, Author

Bryan Sharpe. You know him as Hotep Jesus. Many of you know him from his various media appearances: FOX news, The Joe Rogan experience, InfoWars, Gutfeld! and more. If you don’t already, you will soon know him for much more than his humor and ability to create viral content on social media.

If you aren’t soaking up the unmatched insight extended by one of this generation’s greatest intellects and informed by thousands of hours of research unauthorized by the establishment, prepare to be left behind by the next wave of growth and enlightenment. The uninformed call him a grifter. The attuned intellect recognizes him for what he is: a harbinger.

“Once a man can face himself, he is now ready to face the world. Until then he is still running from and eluding his own acquisition of power. The power is within, not without. Seek it in the without and you will be without.”

Hotep Jesus



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The Patriot Report

  • Affirm your constitutional rights with case law related to the 1st, 4th, and 5th amendments
  • Become proficient in monetary policy and central banking with cited sources
  • Discover the arguments used by Supreme Court Justices in the most important cases ever 

The Rules of Masculinity

  • Learn how to seduce your love interest without ever touching her!
  • Learn how to carve out a space in her brain that’s dedicated to dreaming about you
  • Learn how to create a powerful aura women always thirst for

Dominate Twitter

  • Learn how to write tweets that punch people in the face
  • Learn how to passively attract more new followers, likes, and retweets
  • Learn how to establish a cult-like bond between you and your followers

Tim Pool

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What Bitcoin Did

In this interview, Peter McCormack talks to Hotep Jesus, a tech start-up adviser who recently caused controversy after hosting a debate regarding Bitcoin v BitcoinSV. We discuss this as well as the benefits of Bitcoin, altcoins, race and equality and free speech.

Greatest podcast in the land...

Hoteps BEEN Told You (HBTY) is a comical podcast covering current events, politics and entertainment, every Thursday at 8 PM ET featuring Uncle Hotep.



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The Patriot Report

Unbreakable Rules Of Masculinity

Dominate Twitter

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