Fire your Boss and hire Yourself!

I will hold you by the hand, every week, along each major step and decision of your business on a Zoom call, for two hours, so you can spend more time under palms trees and less time dying from the blue light at your desk.

 (Every Saturday) 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM ET

Learn how to get explosive growth for your brand/business

Learn how to automate your business to spend less time working

Learn how to launch your product with predictable success

Learn how to analyze your business to scale at each stage of growth

About the mogul summit

Finally! A place where small business owners, startup founders, influencers, and side-hustlers can get access to a business development and marketing expert at a fraction of the price it would normally cost to hire a professional for consulting services.

Gain exclusive access to Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe, and his private group of moguls, to get the help you urgently need to explode the growth of your venture!

No one on the internet has a better investment offer than this!

Is this for you?


If you're new to entrepreneurship, I'll hold you by the hand to find a profitable market and product that fits your passions, skills, and budget.


If your product is in development or has not launched yet, I'll unveil the secrets and best practices to having a successful and predictable launch.

Post Launch

If your product or brand is already on the market, I'll solve the problems plaguing your business and show you how to captivate the market.

Would you like to become recession proof?

This is something we address on nearly every call due to the COVID-19 related economic recession.​

Would you like to see your face/brand in the media?​

Learn how to land more features in the media to get more podcast, blog, and maybe even TV coverage.

Would you like to become an expert marketer?​

Learn from the master LIVE and get a free marketing guide for instant download when you become a member.

Do you need help launching
or growing your business painlessly?

Speak with Bryan Sharpe and other moguls who give amazing advice, live on the spot.

Are you bootstrapping on a small budget?​

Discover high ROI tasks that grow your business relatively quickly without the fat wallet.

Are you having trouble choosing what to sell?

Learn how to create profitable market data reports from your own passion to create net positive cashflow.

Are you having trouble finding your target audience?​

Learn how to find the perfect audience that consistently buys what you sell.

Are you suffering from burnout or fatigue?

Learn how to replace tasks that burn you out with tasks that make you feel full.

I'm always blown away at how rapid fire you are to come up with answers.
Dr. Jeff Hammond

Would you like advice on how to establish a brand identity?​

Learn how to develop your identity and unique voice that speaks directly to the monkey-mind of your target demographic.​

Would you like advice on growing brand awareness?

Learn how to find the right lanes to get your brand noticed by the right people.

Would you like to access your own well of unlimited motivation?

Each session is inspirational leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and excited for the week ahead!

Do you struggle with knowing when to delegate?​

Speak with an expert about your work day and find out how to pass off some of your tasks.

Would you like advice for recruiting the right talent?

We'll discuss what to look for in talent and how to keep them as a happy long-term employees. ​

Would you like to learn how to spy on competitors?

Learn how to effectively spy on competitors and then mobilize that data!

Would you like to learn how to find the right business partners?

Not only will an expert show you how to find good business partners, you may meet your next one at the summit.

Would you like to master email marketing?

Learn how to turn your email into revenue and discover the best sources on email marketing anywhere on the internet.

Would you like to learn how to attract loads of qualified leads?

Learn how to use clever inbound marketing and automation to generate and nurture sizzling hot leads.

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Got Questions?

Here are the answers!

You’ll be able to take advantage of the Summit for the duration of each Saturday event and you’ll get a physical copy of the marketing guide mailed directly to your doorstep AND a digital copy of the marketing guide ($49 Value), “Dominate Twitter”, (117 pages) available for immediate download. Also includes 140 Smashmouth Trigger words (2) page PDF. ​

The Summit takes place on a Zoom call with other motivated founders every Saturday 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Eastern Time. You will receive an email in advance with the call in link, details, and credentials.

To ask a question, simply notify me in the chat box and you’ll be next in line. When you enter the chat, your mic will be automatically muted to reduce background noise but you can unmute yourself at anytime to join the discussion. 

You’ll interact with other founders and Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe on a video/audio Zoom conference. You can listen to the questions and answers and participate at your convenience. To be sure your questions get answered, send a note in the chat and you’ll be next in line.

When you enter the chat, your mic will be automatically muted to reduce background noise but you can unmute yourself at anytime to join the discussion.

The resident expert who will soothe your business aches and pains is, Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe. Also, other ‘moguls’ are often kind enough to give free advice and suggestions.

During the summit you may come across the opportunity of a work-for-hire and I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. They happen all the time.

The fee to attend the weekly summit is $597/month.

You can cancel at anytime. You will still receive access to the summit during the time period you last paid for and you are able to rejoin at anytime and you get to keep all of the downloadable materials. No refunds.

You will receive three (3) notifications via email. The first will deliver the attendee credentials and the last two will be reminders. And if you miss one week, there’s always next week!


Challenge me!

If I can't help you, I'll give you your money back!

I agree to the payment terms and understand that there is a no refund policy. There is a monthly fee of $597 to participate in this program and I will be billed immediately after purchase by (the merchant service). I understand that I can participate in the weekly (2-hour) group Zoom teleconferences on Saturdays to receive coaching and consulting for my brand/business. I understand that I will receive "Dominate Twitter" PDF (digital version), 135 Trigger words (2) page PDF.

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